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Into the night, on a serene walk, enjoying the fresh air, admiring stars and curvy hills. Slowly the scenery shifts to a dream and a memory. 

Suddenly...time stops. 

Perfect lines in multiple shades of metallic grey merge with a gaze of divinity: Two cork oaks remain still in an endless dialogue. 

Dialectic over purity, elegance and light, is eternalized in this unique piece of sculpture, our Alentejo, this ephemeral moment becomes eternal. 

Alentejo aims to capture the essence of the region, the first starlight tourism destination in the world where you will find the largest cork oak forest in the world. 

Within this elegant design, the brushed steel is the reflection of the stars upon the cork oak trees, merged with corkwood in sync with the curvy hills. 

The two cork oak trees raise pride in this piece as much as in the night they revealed themselves. 

Alentejo is a composition brought up by Magna Natura, worked by master craftsmen to become a unique and significant depiction of this moment. It is a timeless work of art, designed to pose as a candle holder. More than an owner, Alentejo will have a caretaker until it is passed on to a next generation.  

If you acquired a piece of Alentejo, please register the name you wish to place on the certificate of authenticity, it will soon be sent to you. 

In the future, you may contact us to submit a new owner and the corresponding certificate of authenticity

Obrigado pelo envio!

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