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made in portugal


elegantly handmade in Portugal


Magna Natura is specialized in furniture, wall coverings and decoration. Our pieces are distinguishable by particularly elegant design and its unprecedented use of cork. The secrets in the mastery of our craftsmen bring out the singularity and unique identity in every piece of corkwood, revealing its nobility and allowing us to achieve timeless artifacts filled with emotion. Caring for such pieces will always be a privilege.

Registered trademark of The Cork Magicians Company, Magna Natura was born in 2013 out of Isabel Silva's passion for corkwood and her desire to explore new ways of applying it. Born Within a family that works on this sector for several decades, this was a natural path for someone with an unparalleled familiarity with cork, someone used to roam through the plains of Alentejo (in Portugal) caressing every cork oak tree beneath the clear skies, listening to the cicadas sing ceaselessly, feeling the drops of sweat as if they were calling or the chills of gazing a starry night that whispers her own dreams.

Nowadays, Magna Natura is a solid reference, sustained by its highest quality standards, affirmed knowledge and experience in handling pure cork as prime material. 

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