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The ROUF creation is the most rustic wall design of the solutions developed by Magna Natura, as it shows the roughest face of the authentic cork oak bark. Nature is transported home integrating the ecological and natural benefits of pure cork such as acoustic and thermal insulation and high fire resistance. The rough texture of the surface can be smoothed out, (optionally) . The authenticity of the natural, an unostentatious luxury.

MN1RV04 Perspetiva.jpg




The ROUF tiles/bricks that make up ROUF wall desin have the texture of the natural bark. The dimensions with 65 mm wide with a variety of lengths and thicknesses, giving to the final surface a beautiful natural look. The mother mature is an extraordinary artist and the solid pure cork is one of the best demonstration of her ability. The imperfection of the natural cork texture gives to the surface an unique beauty. The beauty of the imperfect. Magna Natura designers have the humbleness and the responsibility to ensure the mother nature design is not devalued.

The Magna Natura design goes beyond purpose and decorative aspect. The random compositin of the small irregular pieces increases the natural acoustic benefits of pure cork, absorbing part of the sound waves, like a 'mousetrap of sounds, making the space acoustically comfortable and in a cozy environment. They are ecologically treated with CMUP21 (Cork Magicians Ultimate Protection 21), increasing their resistance to humidity and ultraviolet rays, as well as being antifungal.




Each work of wall art in pure cork in its most natural state, is carefully made by hand, as it is impossible to be industrialized, but it is not about craftsmanship, but about careful design. It is easy to understand that our proposals are at a level well above the solutions of particulate cork, which, although still natural, is uniform and monotonous. It is not a simple wall covering, but a work that transforms an apathetic surface into an extraordinary mural with unique acoustic benefits.




ROUF is a wall art, 100% sustainable, not only because it is pure cork that is extracted without harming the tree, which remains alive for generations, but also in this case by using pieces of cork from the production of stoppers, and carefully selected, revaluing what was not this beautiful solution and with special acoustic benefits, it would be for crushing and producing industrialized products.

Each work is made to order, allowing customization within certain limits, according to the client's needs. We present our proposals in the beautiful natural colors of cork. The work is divided into modules / plates with standard measures 40 x 60 cm, or another measure that is deemed to be more suitable for transport. It is easy to apply and when installed its design conceals the joints allowing a uniform appearance without the mosaic effect.

Customer's projects are welcome and we can prepare the modules for a quick application, in quantity and finishing according to your project.We suggest the gorgeous natural colour of the cork bark, but it can be customized the finishing according to the client specifications.The standard texture suggested as natural as it comes from the bark. It can be or smoothed at different grades of sanding according to an agreed project.


We know that our products have a value well above their price, and so we trust that being able to physically feel our product you will understand why our solution is ideal, if your goal is not just to temporarily cover a wall in any way or at the lowest cost.

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