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Viewing on a computer or smartphone screen, or even in a printed catalog, does not reveal the true quality of our products, nor does it allow you to feel the textures and perceive the extraordinary colors of truly natural cork and the design of our proposals.

There are products that look visually similar, but have characteristics and qualities that are different from our proposals. Consequently, it is important to be able to compare and feel the difference either between our solutions or with other good solutions on the market, before deciding to buy.


Our solutions are truly unique!

We know that our products have a value well above their price, and so we trust that being able to physically feel our product you will understand why our solution is ideal, if your goal is not just to temporarily cover a wall in any way or at the lowest cost.

There fore, in order not to decide 'blindly', we propose that you obtain physical samples, under exceptional conditions, be it a set of samples with a collection of some of the models, or an individual sample.



If you are a professional, we have special conditions for the supply of samples, so you can show them to your customers. Please contact us


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sample Size | 20 x 30 cm (approx.)
    Quantity of Samples | 8 units
    Box Dimension | 33 x 25 x 12 cm



    All measurements are approximate. For shipments outside the European Union, please contact us

  • Given the huge amount of sample orders we have, it is not possible for us to offer samples free of charge in advance. A voucher accompanies the purchase of the samples and has the value equal to the cost of the samples if the purchase is equal to or greater than 750 euros or half the purchase price of the samples if the value is at least 500 euros.

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