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The Portuguese Sidewalk by Magna Natura is an authored Art Mosaic, composed of small squares in authentic cork, with random thicknesses, reinforcing the natural textures and giving a three-dimensional effect to increase acoustic comfort. the assembly The pieces are handcrafted, similar to what master pavers do. In this case highlighting the beauty of the imperfections of authentic cork, resulting in a composition of rare beauty, whether due to the texture of each of the small pieces, or the palette colors ranging from earthy to golden, and of course, by the beautiful friezes and patterns. The authenticity of the natural.



All images are representative by the fact that each of the pieces to be truly unique, taking advantage of the irreproducible visual characteristics of cork.


Execution period: as the product is manufactured and made to order, the execution period must always be confirmed with Magna Natura . Normally it will be 2 to 4 weeks after order confirmation.


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Dimensions | 80 x 120 cm
    Thickness | 1.8 - 3 cm
    Composition | pure cork
    Made to measure | Contact


    Final Note:
    THE Magna Natura excels in the use of cork in its natural state.
    The coverings are treated with an exclusive Magna Natura formulation, which reinforces the natural waterproofing capacity of cork, its antifungal capacity. and resistance to UV rays.

  • The piece does not require extraordinary attention to its conservation and cleaning, it just needs some more basic care. 
    - Although cork has some characteristics that repel dust, it is recommended to clean it gently monthly with a soft utensil. 
    - Do not subject the part to contact with abrasive or blunt materials to avoid causing structural damage. 
    - Do not expose the part to damp environments or in direct contact with liquids. In case of spillage, use absorbent material to contain the liquid as soon as possible. For spills other than water, this cleaning should be completed with a soft damp cloth to remove the remaining liquid and allow it to dry naturally. 
    - Do not use cleaning products that are aggressive and corrosive or abrasive pads of any kind. 

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