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The Portuguese side walk by Magna Natura is an signature art Mosaic composed of small squares made of authentic cork, with random thicknesses, reinforcing the natural textures and giving a threedimensional effect to enhance acoustic comfort. The arrangement of the pieces is done manually, similar as the paver masters do. In this case highlighting the beauty of the imperfections of the authentic cork, resulting in a composition of rare beauty, whether due to the texture of each one of the small pieces, the color palette that ranges from earthy to golden, and of course, the beautiful friezes and patterns. The authenticity of the natural.


All images are representative because each piece is truly unique, taking advantage of the irreproducible visual characteristics of cork.Execution time: since the product is manufactured and made to order, the execution time must always be confirmed with Magna Natura. Usually, it will be 2 to 4 weeks after order confirmation.


1 Square meter
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Dimensions | 400 x 400 mm
    Composition | pure cork
    Application | pasted about surface regular
    Packing | 4 units – total: 0.64 m2
    dimensions gives packaging | 410 x 410 x 120 mm
    weight of packaging | 2.5 kg (approx.)


    Final Note:
    Magna Natura excels in using cork in its natural state.The coverings are treated with an exclusive Magna Natura formulation, which reinforces the natural waterproofing capacity of cork, the antifungal capacity and resistance to UV rays.

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