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Probably the best cork oak acorn liquor you ever shall enjoy, specially developed to pamper our distinguished customers it can not be found anywhere but Magna Natura.


Roman roads
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Bust of César Augusto
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An offer with no set value

Its Rarity

This unique craft liquor, crafted by a lady archaeologist Doctor, using cork oak 'Quercus suber' acorn, following an old roman recipe.

Its Singularity

It is much more than a rare craft liquor! It has a deep history.
The acorns were harvested from an imposing and ancient cork oak growing on a roman empire archeological place, near Bracara Augusta the capital of Gallaecia province.

Ps.: Bracara Augusta was founded by César Augusto between 15 to 13 BC

Its Exclusivity

Only the Magna Natura customers have the privilege to possess and enjoy this rarity. 

Do not miss this limited edition. Only 100 bottles with 200 ml were crafted and running fast


Mountain wildflower honey

North Portugal (gallaecia)  green wine pomace brandy (25 vol )

Camada 1 copiar 3.png

Archeological site cork oak acorn

Beet sugar

Finally, the secret of the recipe

Remark: due to the craft process and natural ingredients, it may get deposit with time, it has no problem, it is natural.

How to get one?

In each purchase of one of the extraordinary works available in the Magna Natura website store, you get the right to be presented with a 200 ml bottle.


This is the cork oak from which the acorns was harvested

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