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X-Cork is a wall art, 100% sustainable, entirely handmade, formed by interwoven strips of pure cork, inspired by the canasta, typical Portuguese basketry. Its versatile design allows it to be used as a wall hanging tapestry or wall art panel, as well as a window or partition blind. The result is an exceptionally sophisticated, authentic and cosy environment.





Each X-CORK wall art, in fact like all Magna Natura works, is unique and unrepeatable, due to the beautiful natural irregularities of cork. The cork used is a natural raw material, in its purest state, presenting extraordinary versatility and incredible chromatic and textural diversity. What appears to be imperfection, or unfinished, is actually a reflection of its purity and the result of Mother Nature's own design, which we keep intact.

The Magna Natura design goes beyond the decorative aspect, The interlacing of the strips enhances the natural acoustic benefits of pure cork, absorbing part of the sound waves, like a sound trap, making the space acoustically comfortable and in a welcoming environment.




Each piece of wall art in pure cork, in its most natural state, is carefully made by hand, as it is impossible to be industrialized, but it is not about craftsmanship, but about careful design. It is easy to understand that our proposals are at a level well above the solutions of particulate cork, which, although still natural, is uniform and monotonous.



X-CORK is a wall art, 100% sustainable, not only because it is pure cork that is extracted without harming the tree, which remains alive for generations, but also in this case by using pieces of cork from the production of cork stoppers, and carefully selected, revaluing what was not this beautiful solution and with special acoustic benefits, it would be for crushing and producing industrialized products.

Each artwork is made to order. We present our proposals for the size and arrangement of cork pieces that can be customized within certain limits to be confirmed, according to the client's idea. Dimension: 80 x 120 cm, or custom. Colors: light natural, dark natural, alternating natural, or according to the client's instructions. : Orientation: portrait or landscape orientation.

The wall art is prepared so that it can be hung or fixed on the wall in the way we think best suited to size and / or weight. It can be changed according to the customer's request and upon confirmation.


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