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UNIONE is an organic and live-edge coffee table which reveals the natural texture and colors of the authentic cork. The resukt is a unique and distinct piece that combines functionality, ethics, and elegant design perfect for different types of environment, from the most exquisite to the most rustic.





A Magna Natura piece of furniture is not just any piece, its function or aesthetic appearance is not enough. It is the result of a unique concept based on rigorous design, which combines a 100% natural and sustainable raw material, authentic cork, the full satisfaction of a function and the beauty of aesthetic simplicity, without ostentation or superfluous appendages, rational, but also without the coldness of austerity.

The result of each piece is like a real work of functional art. Authentic cork is neither monotonous nor apathetic, it has exceptional texture and natural color tones. What apparently seems to be imperfection is a reflection of authenticity.


The solid pure cork, the authentic, is a 100% sustainable material, The cork oak bark is extracted every 9 years, without felling the tree, which remains alive for generations, The wood used has the FSC certificate, which attests that it obeys to sustainable forest criteria.

We present our proposals, which are the result of refined design. As each work is made to order, customization is possible and the client's projects are welcome, within certain limits, namely being faithful to the Magna Natura concept.

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